Froze To Dett Industries

June 29, 2015

I've been watching my bank account drain dramatically since we landed in the Middle East. Not cheap at all. The weather is some nice though. Much drier and temperate than humid, relentless South East Asia. You should see how fast a generally nice fella turns into a savage when he can't escape the heat. In the sun, the shade, basement, or top floor, you can't escape it. It follows you around and tattoos your clothes to your body. Especially your underwear. If I had my time back, I would have started taking photographs of the various "underwear sweat" designs that the weather created on my grey Fruit of the Looms. Not fit. Most of them looks like butterflies actually.


Another thing that had me drove clear off my head was the fact that it was so hard to find a cold beer in Asia. Well, besides South Korea in January. The ultimate illustration of South East Asia's disregard for chilled beverages was when myself and Ashley were on a 500Km motorcycle odyssey in central Laos. After spending half a day on a motor scooter, eating bugs the size of small birds and an arse as numb as how it feels when you're on the toilet for too long, I was ready for a beer. So in I goes to our hostel's kitchen to grab a cold, reputable "Beerlao"...South East Asia's best beer according to Lonely Planet. Right excited. I didn't take notice of the fact that the fridges light was not turned on. Harsh foreshadowing. So I opened the fridge door to grab a Beerlao, and when I grabbed the bottle, it scalded my hand it was that hot. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it was some warm. I was fuming. It was like no matter what happened at that point, it couldn't make me more cract than I already was. Until the waitress makes an appearance. She gives me a "Saw Ba Dee" (hello) and bows as they do, then smiles at me as she plugs in the fridge. It was the first time I thought to myself "I've got to get home out of this". What does a fella have to do to feel cold and have a cold beer?


Then I had a moment of genius. I combined my financial depression with my literally hot body to develop a business venture than I would undoubtedly have a passion for. When I gets home, I'm getting into the Air-conditioning/Refrigeration business. So if you see a white cargo van on the roads of Calgary or Up the Shore with "Froze to Dett Industries" on the side of her, beep your horn at me!

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