November 30, 2015

Add Alright, this has been a long time coming but here's the deal: If you are a part of the developed world, don't say this. I'm sure I've said it in my past life before and like me, I also know that anyone who has ever said it probably said it out of best intentions. But here's the thing...I know this might be hard to believe, so get ready for it...Money did not in fact fall from the heavens, showering us in an abundance of wealth such that we were all like, "Oh man, what are we gonna do with all this extra money?!? I guess we'll go on a big long trip"! So no, we are not lucky. We actively planned for this trip. We actively saved for this trip. And we chose to allocate our money to this trip, sacrificing having other more traditional things. Which is why we're 30+ with one old car between the two of us, no house, no wedding, old crappy furniture and some debt. But we wouldn't have it any other way because this trip was a dream of ours and the sacrifices we made to make it possible were without question, worth every last bit of it. But traveling like this was not luck, it was a choice.

That being said, we ARE lucky that we were born into a country where there are infinite opportunities. We ARE lucky that we grew up in homes where we were safe and had our basic needs met and more. We ARE lucky that merely surviving was not our primary concern such that we spent our childhoods playing freely. We ARE lucky that we were privileged enough to go to university and get an education so we could get jobs that allowed us to live comfortably but also save money. We ARE lucky that we are healthy and able bodied. These things we did NOT choose. These are the things that make us lucky and that we are consciously grateful for.

So if you have ever said this to either of us, know that we probably don't remember you specifically and that we are not holding a deep seated grudge! But just needed to say it on behalf of ourselves and all travelers out there who have worked hard and gave up some other kind of awesome things to do what they are doing because the pros outweigh the cons. Long term travel or any travel doesn't just haphazardly befall us, we actively strive towards it! Story here

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